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Practical training for 2020 are available below.

Training sessions are organized around a particular theme with specific modules. Each session is composed of a coordinator (member of the scientific board), one scientific director (member of the scientific committee) and invited experts with a reputation on a particular issue.

The sessions are organized in Geneva (Swiss Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery – SFITS – Geneva University Hospital). The SFITS is a multidisciplinary and modular platform designed to simulate real-life conditions and provide a secured and controlled training environment to professionals working in the operating rooms (www.sfits.ch).

These courses have been approved for FESSH patronage as a quality mark for the highest standards in education for increasing knowledge and skills and further professional development.

Participants and speakers arrive the evening before for dinner so they can start early the next morning (7:30).
Speakers’ presentations are brief (15 min per item) to allow time for dissection and practice. The speaker(s) make a filmed demonstration (with cadaver preparation ahead of time).
The demonstration is broadcast live in the theatre, after which each participants will be able to practice in the cadaveric lab.

Courses: 2019

Courses: 2020

24 April 2020 (cancelled)

Scaphoid and distal radius fracture

19 June 2020 (cancelled)

Soft Tissue Coverage

20 June 2020 (cancelled)

Microsurgery (2)

30-31 October 2020 (cancelled)

Prosthetic Arthroplasties