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The first courses of 2019 are now available.

We have organized 5 preliminary training modules over a period of 6 months, including both junior sessions for surgeons-in-training and senior sessions.

The « senior » sessions are intended primarily for surgeons wanting to benefit from the experience of expert surgeons with a reputation on a particular issue.

The first sessions will be organized in the laboratory of the SFITS (Swiss Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery) in the HUG (Geneva University Hospital), or for microsurgery in the Ecole de Chirurgie de Nancy microsurgery laboratory.

Participants and speakers will arrive the evening before for dinner so they can start early the next morning (7:30). Speakers’ presentations will be brief (15 min per item) to allow time for dissection and practice. The speaker(s) will make a filmed demonstration. The demonstration will be broadcast live in the theatre, after which participants will be helped with their own dissections. The session will end at 5pm to allow time for participants and experts to return home.

Junior courses

7 June 2019

Microsurgery (1)

8 November 2019

Bone Fusion

Senior courses