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Founder and co president - Bernard Prandi

Founder and co-president

Bernard Prandi

Bernard Prandi is a graduate of Ecole Centrale de Paris and has a PhD in Metallurgy.

He began his career as an engineer at Pechiney, is recognized as an authority in Nitinol technology and has published numerous papers on this subject.

Alongside Dougal Bendjaballah he has had 16 years of successful partnership in the Orthopaedic Extremity Market.

Founder and co-president

Dougal Bendjaballah

Dougal Bendjaballah has a Bachelor degree from the University of Hartford and an MBA from Harvard University.

He began his career at American Express, then founded and managed numerous companies in medical device industry.

Alongside Bernard Prandi he has had 16 years of successful partnership in the Orthopedic Extremity Market.

Founder and co president - Dougal Bendjaballah
Treasurer - Colombe de Boccard


Colombe de Boccard

Tax expert Colombe de Boccard is treasurer of the Foundation for Hand Surgery.

Very sensitive to philanthropy, she has created several non-profit foundations under Swiss law and is involved in several charitable projects.

She is passionate about the human and legal dimensions of the structuring of philanthropy in Switzerland and abroad.


Jean Pilloud

Jean Pilloud spent his entire first-class career with Banque Pictet & Cie SA where he was director. In particular he created Pictet Asset Management and opened for the latter an office in London where he also resided. Later he developed Pictet Funds as CEO.

Jean Pilloud