• Foundation for Hand Surgery


The official status of the Foundation (in French) can be found here.

The Foundation supports, in Switzerland and abroad, the development of hand, wrist & upper limb surgery, supporting projects in the following fields:

  • Medical research;
  • Scientific publication;
  • Surgery training;
  • Promotion of hand and upper limb surgery; and
  • Funding of jobs and infrastructures in the field of hand and upper limb surgery in countries where hand surgery is not available.

For this purpose, the Foundation may in particular:

  • Encourage and fund research;
  • Provide a practical environment to researchers, statisticians, epidemiologists, surgeons, engineers, and scientists, to help them collaborate together on clinical study projects and thus facilitate publication of their findings;
  • Establish practical training sessions on a regular basis to supplement existing postgraduate studies; and
  • Establish educational and preventive training sessions, in particular for preventing accidents or injuries in daily, occupational and sports activities, etc.

The Foundation:

(a) Shall not carry out any commercial or income-generating activity. Its revenue shall be limited to donations, legacies, subsidies, subscriptions, revenue from sponsors or returns on their wealth;

(b) Shall solely perform activities with a general interest character (to the exclusion of public service, religious, sports or occupational welfare activities), operating in the following fields: Humanitarian, Scientific, Health

(c) Shall irrevocably allocate its profits and funds to perform and pursue said activities, without  any possible return of such funds in any form whatsoever to the incorporator, its future donors or their close relations. This clause further applies in case of dissolution;

(d) Shall actually and regularly allocate its resources to the general-interest purpose pursued as per (b) above;

(e) Shall cause its services to benefit an open circle of beneficiaries (and not, for instance, a single beneficiary, a family circle, members of an association or persons having specific jobs);

(f) Shall carry out a disinterested activity, in that:

  1. It shall not serve, directly or indirectly, the interests of its member, its incorporator or their close relatives; and
  2. The members of the Foundation Council shall act on a voluntary basis and shall not earn any salary or wage. Only actual expenses, in particular travel expenses, and/or attendance fees (in compliance with the Geneva regulations on official committees) may be refunded/paid to them;

(g) Shall not hold any interest amounting to or exceeding 10% of the share capital of any company; and

(h) Shall have within its Council at least one member with (individual or joint) signing authority, who must reside in Switzerland or be a Swiss national.