• Foundation for Hand Surgery



The Foundation for Hand Surgery is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and improving the hand, wrist and upper limb surgery.

Our goal is to promote education and research in the hand surgery sector by establishing an interactive European center of excellence.

Our mission will focus on three objectives:

  • Education
  • Research
  • Financial support
Visuel missions - education


The Foundation will offer additional training opportunities for surgeons at all stages of their professional training, from the early years to the final stage of perfecting their already acquired technical skills.

The aim of the education program is to complement European university training courses by allowing our centre of skills in Hand Surgery to teach trained, or still in-training, orthopaedic surgeons and plastic surgeons to undertake practical work on cadavers.


We wish to devote resources to develop research axes that bring new concepts and new medical and surgical solutions for hand and wrist surgery over the next decades.

The Foundation’s goal is to assist in the publication of scientific papers by hosting researchers, statisticians, epidemiologists, surgeons, engineers, scientists, etc. to enable them to collaborate on clinical studies projects and facilitate the publication of their results.

Visuel missions - research
Visuel missions - investments


The Foundation will develop hand surgery services in countries that do not have any, by providing financial resources (equipment, training, monitoring).