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The winners of the 2020 FESSH / Foundation for Hand Surgery Clinical Research Grant are:

  • Dr Olga Politikou from the Medical University of Vienna with the project « Nerve transfers for cognitive reinnervation of spastic muscles in stroke patients”
  • Dr Brigitte van Der Heijden from the Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen with the project « Diagnostic performance of dynamic four-dimensional computed tomography (4D CT) compared to arthroscopy for analyzing scapholunate instability”.

Their results will be present at the FESSH meeting in Rotterdam in 2021.


The FESSH/Foundation for Hand Surgery Clinical Research aims to support fundamental hand surgery research for the public health benefit. It therefore aims at supporting original clinical projects that aim to study and improve outcome of hand surgery related conditions. The grant is for one year, however projects with a more extended time scope will be eligible.

Through collaboration with the FESSH Research Committee, the Foundation for Hand Surgery sponsors this clinical research grant, however the selection process will be done solely through the FESSH Research Committee. All data that is acquired through the research, sponsored through this grant, is owned by the applicant and corresponding institution. Neither FESSH, nor the Foundation for Hand Surgery holds any claims on the data that has come from the research.



€50,000 award for a one-year grant. In case there are equivalent applications, the FESSH Research Committee has the right to split the grant into smaller grant amounts.


Applications 2021 : the deadline to apply for a Research Grant is 31st December 2020


  • Applicants must be an active member of a FESSH affiliated national organization
  • Residents, fellows and consultants may apply
  • Members of the Research Committee cannot apply for funding either as a principal investigator, co-investigator, or sponsor.
  • There is no limit on the number of applications submitted from each institution
  • Re-submissions are allowed



The FESSH/Foundation for Hand Surgery Clinical Research Grant application is for a one-year €50,000 award. Start date should be listed no earlier than 31 December and must begin by 26 February 2021.

Download the FESSH/Foundation for Hand Surgery Clinical Research Grant application form, fill out and save it as a PDF (name your file: lastname_FESSH_FOUNDATION_Hand_Grant_year.pdf) and submit it to researchgrant@fessh.com.

Make sure that all requirements are fulfilled and that supporting documents are attached to the submission in the same PDF file as the grant application (only submit one PDF file per application).

The candidate warrant that the Research project is performed on a professional and due diligence manner in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, laws, regulations and ethical requirements applicable in the Territory and in accordance with applicable good practices.

Each applicant is engaged to sign a declaration of no conflict of interest with the sponsors /industry.



Letter of Support from your Department Chair or Division Head. The purpose of this letter is to verify that the researcher will have time and resources to complete the project in a timely fashion.

Documentation that confirms that the proposed project has been approved by regional Ethical Boards and/or Animal Care Committee.

CV (max 4 pages) including up to 20 most important publications, relevant to the project.

Submit any questions by email to researchgrant@fessh.com.


Investigators receiving grants are expected to make a progress report by 31 May, 2020 in addition to a final report once the one-year term of the grant has expired. A final report including a listing of all presentations and publications resulting from the project must be submitted no later than 31 May, 2022. All funds not used in the study should be returned to FESSH.

The Foundation for Hand Surgery encourages all successful applicants to apply for additional funding through the Foundation for Hand Surgery: https://www.foundation-handsurgery.org/   at research@foundation-handsurgery.org



  • Grant name and year awarded
  • Project Title and date of the grant period
  • PI Name
  • Summary of specific aims and progress made so far

Please also include the following:

  • List of publications originating from the grant (include date and name of publication)
  • List of presentations resulting from this study (name of organization, date, type [oral/poster])
  • Additional funding received or applied for, related to this study (include funding source and total amount)



The awardees are obliged to present their results at the FESSH Annual Meeting the year after the grant was awarded. In the case of publication presenting or citing research funding credit is to be noted by footnote that the project was supported totally or partially by funds from FESSH and the Foundation for Hand Surgery.



The amount of the FESSH Grant will be paid to the winner at the beginning of the research right after the Research Grant Acceptance Letter has been signed by the winner. Here you can read the Acceptance Letter.